Betanija House is a place of physical and spiritual health in the healing climate of Veli Lošinj.

It is a spiritual centre and a hospitality facility open for everyone.

Since 2011 we have been organizing and offering spiritual programmes for tourists and those who seek to improve their physical health or simply relax, and since 2015 we have offered accommodation, too.
It is located in the centre of Veli Lošinj, a small town and the first settlement on the island of Lošinj, only four kilometres from the town of Mali Lošinj. It is situated on the top of the Kaciol hill in the old residential centre of the town and it is surrounded by the fragrant healing greenery, serenity, soothing silence and the sky-blue sea.
The history of this house dates all the way back to 1792 when it was inhabited by the well-known families of Rabusini sea captains.
From 1906 to 1936 it used to be known as the Betanija Sanatorium and was renowned as the place of physical and spiritual health, owned and run by the Merciful Sisters of The Holy Cross. Their work in the Sanatorium was interrupted by the annexation of the island of Lošinj to Italy, the events of the Second World War and their subsequent forced departure. In 1956 the facility became nationalised, and as such was used by many beneficiaries. In 2003 it was returned back to its original owner on their request, but in a state of disrepair.

Ever since their return, the Merciful Sisters of the Holy Cross have turned Betanija into the spiritual centre which offers pastoral care programmes to tourists and everyone coming to Lošinj seeking health. Led by the charisma of their founder, father Theodosius Florentini, Swiss Franciscan Capuchin friar and the motto that says, “The need of time is the will of God”, the sisters meet the needs of those who come to this island seeking spiritual nourishment.

Betanija House is now being repurposed into a hospitality facility which offers comfortable lodgings, but also spiritual programmes.

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